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Acting & Drama Classes
Beginner Classes

Beginner Irish Dancing is our introductory class for first-timers, with no previous experience needed. It is a highly interactive class where you will learn your very first Irish dancing steps and meet other beginners just like you!  It’s always fun starting something new so we know you are excited and so are we. At Mount Isa Irish Dancing Association, we offer a friendly, structured class environment for all pupils to learn in.Our classes provide the opportunity for beginners to learn at their own pace, accommodating for individual learning styles. All beginner classes are purposely kept small for the benefit of each child, ensuring they receive one-on-one tuition as part of their weekly classes.

Singing & Dance
Advanced Classes

At this level, students have a clear understanding and can demonstrate the techniques, rhythm & timing of reels, light jigs, slip jigs, treble jigs and hornpipes. In our advanced classes you will learn competition level choreography and techniques. This class is recommended for dancers who regularly complete and/or wish to stay at competition level fitness. Items that are trained are movements such as clicks, rocks, and varied tempo dances which use advanced footwork. 

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